Love photographing this family, probably because of the friendship we share.  Getting a little personal here but Jason was one of my first/only/best friends when I moved in my last year of high school to a city of 200,000 people.  After finishing Grade 1-11 in a town of 1000, moving to a city is the last thing you want to do when you are 17  years old.  However because of a work transfer for my dad, I had to move with my family.  Having Jason’s friendship definitely made my last year of high school bearable.  Jason and I have been friends now for almost 18 years yet it seems like just yesterday that we met.  Through moving cities, towns and even countries we have remained friends through it all, always keeping in touch by telephone and trying to meet up when we were in the same area.  As fate would have it, 15 years after leaving Saskatchewan, we have ended up living in the same place Calgary, Alberta.  Crazy how life works.  I am so so honored to have stayed friends with such a wonderful person throughout the years and having the opportunity to be part of his life which now includes his beautiful daughter and fiance.  I am just proud that we are the ones that they choose to capture and document the memories that they are making together as a family. Love you Guys!Easter photosBeautiful little girl Mommy and Me family hugs and kisses

One Reply to “Jason, Alison & Katie”

  1. Charlene you did a fabulous write up regarding this photo shoot! Great job! What a tremedous job you are doing growing your company! xoxo


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