Kane & Emilie – Shawnessy Barn, Calgary Wedding

From the moment we met this couple, we just knew we had to be part of their Special Day.  At first we only got to meet Kane for a few minutes because he was right in the middle of his busiest season of work but we sat with Emilie at a Second Cup talking for almost 2 hours.  As we left the meeting, we hugged and then and there I just hoped and prayed that they would choose us to capture their Wedding Day.  After anxiously waiting we did receive the call from Emilie saying YES we want you to capture our day and this is where the memories began.  First we did an engagement session which I will post in another post and then only weeks later on to the wedding.  We were excited to be able to do an engagement session with these two because it gave us a chance to get closer to Emilie and really get to meet Kane.  Then onto the wedding day.  Emilie had everything planned right down to the minute (which by the way I love).  The schedule got followed pretty closely with only a few minor last minute changes.  From the moment we arrived at their home; we felt like part of the family.  Everyone was at the one house getting ready which was so nice “especially for us”! and then once it was time for Emilie to get down to the dress… off went Kane.  We met up a little later in an amazing park where Kane and Emilie laid eyes on each other for the first time all dressed up in their Wedding Gear.  I can only imagine what Kane thought when he saw Emilie, but I am thinking he was pretty excited.  With a huge smile on his face from ear to ear, you just know what he was thinking.  What an amazing moment and I am so glad that we were there to see, capture and document this amazing moment between the these two.

Kane & Emilie.

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