Airdrie Wedding Photographers – Travis & Tayona, Shabby Chic Vintage Wedding – August 2014 – Airdrie AB

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What can we say about this couple.  They are both absolutely amazing, and when you meet them you just know that they are meant to be together.  They have a beautiful love story as well as a beautiful family that means everything to them and it shows in everything that they do.  Their children are one of a kind, beautiful, precious and absolutely adorable.  This wedding could not have been more perfect from the beginning to the end of the day not a thing went wrong. Our beautiful bride went all out making the majority of all the decorations and desserts right down to the very last detail was planned by this bride along with the help of her closest friends and family.  All of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids were a hoot to work with and this couple was drop dead gorgeous on their wedding day.  This shabby chic vintage style wedding was just stunning and we loved every minute of it!

Tayona&TravisWeddingTayona&TravisWedding1 Tayona&TravisWedding2Tayona&TravisWedding3 Tayona&TravisWedding4Tayona&TravisWedding5 Tayona&TravisWedding6Tayona&TravisWedding7 Tayona&TravisWedding8Tayona&TravisWedding9 Tayona&TravisWedding10Tayona&TravisWedding11 Tayona&TravisWedding12Tayona&TravisWedding13 Tayona&TravisWedding14Tayona&TravisWedding15 Tayona&TravisWedding16Tayona&TravisWedding17 Tayona&TravisWedding18Tayona&TravisWedding19 Tayona&TravisWedding20Tayona&TravisWedding21 Tayona&TravisWedding22Tayona&TravisWedding23 Tayona&TravisWedding24Tayona&TravisWedding25Tayona&TravisWedding33

Tayona&TravisWedding26Tayona&TravisWedding27 Tayona&TravisWedding28Tayona&TravisWedding29 Tayona&TravisWedding32Tayona&TravisWedding31Tayona&TravisWedding30

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