Wedding Photographers – Cam & Mallory – Lacombe AB Wedding, August 22, 2015

Absolutely Loved Loved Loved this wedding that we photographed last weekend in Lacombe, Alberta.  From the moment we met Cam and Mallory for our pre wedding consultation, the connection was instant between the four of us and we were super excited when they Cam and Mal told us they wanted us to capture their wedding day.  Thank you to an amazing referral by Mallory’s brother who gave us the opportunity to meet these two amazing people.  Isn’t it crazy how small of a world we live in, not only did we have numerous connections to this couple through friends and family, we also discovered more connections as time went on and their wedding day came.  Who know we would be sitting at a table with neighbours of ours that live just right down the street from us in Airdrie Alberta and that numerous people at the wedding would know my sisters through other channels!  Some days it amazes me how small this world can be!

Cam and Mallory, what can I say, definitely meant for each other.  Having been together for more than a decade and growing up together in a small town, it is truly a good old fashioned Love Story.  One that will bring them many many years of joy, peace and love!

All we really need in this world is Love and Candy! What more could one want!       CODIO Photography CODIO Photography Bride in WindowCODIO Photography wedding dress wedding dress CODIO Photography bride and mirror CODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography  CODIO Photography bouquet white and green White and green bouquetCODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography wedding runners Nike CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography hot groom CODIO Photography groom and groomsmen selfiedog with bow tie wedding CODIO Photography CODIO Photography Bride with childhood playhouse CODIO Photography First Kissbride groom and dogCODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography wedding partyCODIO Photography                     CODIO Photography gorgeous bride CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography bride and groom Fire Truck wedding party fire truck bride and groom wedding party Fire truckwedding rings

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