Airdrie Newborn/Family Photographers – The A Family – CODIO Studio, Airdrie AB

What can I say about this family? Other than we absolutely love them!  This was I think their 5th time in our Studio! We have been photographing this lovely family since the twin girls were born two years ago, and they come back to us for every milestone!  It is absolutely amazing when you get to watch such beautiful little ones grow up and all of the changes that happen in the first year of life.

Here at CODIO Studio we offer Milestone Photo Sessions, that being a photo session at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months which are the major milestones of a little one in their first year of life.  We also offer 1st year and Smash the Cake Photo Sessions which some parents love to take part in and it is pretty fun watching these little ones eat their cake!

Can’t wait to see this little guy back for his next milestone photo session! To check out different types of work that CODIO Photography does visit our website

CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

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