Calgary Engagement Photographers – Ashley & Don Engagement Session – Inglewood, Calgary Alberta

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This session was so much fun… Having met Ashley 2 years previous at her brother’s wedding, it was great because we already felt like we knew her.  This was our first time meeting Don, but I would say we hit it off and within minutes it felt as if we had also known Don forever.  These two are just gorgeous inside and out and I loved everything about their engagement session, especially the fact that they really truly are in love and you can just see it when they are together.  I can’t wait for this wedding.  I don’t know if I am going to be able to wait a whole year LOL… But it is going to be awesome to hang out with some of the same family members and people as we did a few years ago.

How cute is their little dog?  Who is of course like their child because they don’t have children yet!  I think it is sweet when engaged couples with no children want to have their animals in their photo shoot!  For more information or to book engagement or wedding photos with us, definitely check out our website at http://www.codiophotography.comCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

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