Calgary Wedding Photographers – Dave & Amanda’s Country Style Ranch Wedding – Bow Valley RancheHouse, Fish Creek, Calgary Alberta

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Everything about this wedding was perfect.  Perfectly planned, right on time, women looked great, men looked awesome, and the weather was perfect.  I love smaller weddings, they always seem to roll a little bit smoother than large weddings.  Maybe it is less people, less drama, less organizing, I don’t know but they are always so chill and intimate which makes for a less hectic day for the us as well as Bride and Groom. This whole wedding took place in South Calgary, which was nice, everything was super close, not a lot of driving which is always nice for the photographers!  You can’t go wrong with Fish Creek wedding photos as it is beautiful there and so many different things to photograph. Bow Valley Ranche House is absolutely amazing, it is gorgeous inside and out, the landscaping, the flowers, the old rustic wood and the FOOD… Everything was perfect at the Ranche for this Wedding.

Thank you to another amazing client of ours, just happens to be cousin to the groom, who introduced us to Dave and Amanda.  If it hadn’t of been for her, our paths may have never crossed and for that we are forever grateful.  Dave and Amanda are so kind and although different in many ways, similar in others and they just made the most perfect couple!

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