Wedding Photographers – Ryan & Staci’s Mountain Wedding, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Today was a Beautiful Day for Spring Wedding at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.  I absolutely LOVE small intimate weddings and this is exactly what this was.  You know when someone has a small wedding, that everyone there present on the day is extra special and has a very big place in the Bride and Groom’s Heart.

Staci looked stunning in her white dress and red flowers to accent, perfect for a end of Winter, beginning of spring Wedding.  Ryan looked pretty darn spiffy in his black tux with the little red flower versus your typical wedding boutineer.  When getting married in the mountains, you never really can count on a certain type of weather as it could snow at any point, even in the summer.  Today the weather gave us a little bit of rain, snow and sunshine, it was an all in one kind of day.  It did mess a little with some of the plans we had for this beautiful day, but nothing that can’t be fixed, rescheduled or rearranged.

CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography


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