Airdrie Smash the Cake Photographers – Little R Turns One – The CODIO Studio

Turning 1 is a big deal! Little R celebrated by having a Smash the Cake Photo session. Mom and Dad dressed her up so cute and she was just so great through the whole session!

Calgary & Area Family Photographers – A Day Full of Mini Sessions – Confederation Park, Calgary

A Great Day for fall Family Mini Sessions. The leaves are starting to change colours, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Airdrie & Area Newborn Photographers – Little Baby L – The CODIO Studio

This little one is so cute. The teal lace just pops.  Big brother was a treat to work with too. CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

Calgary& Area Child Photographers – The B Kids, Mini Session – Airdrie, AB

Today we did a series of Mini Photo Sessions, These two were so sweet, the little girl just loved all the dress choices and was so shy and sweet. The Little guy was a little more restless but sat still just long enough to capture a few gooders with him!  Welcome to Calgary you guys! We hope you love living here!

Airdrie & Calgary Baby Photographers – Baby Eva’s 1st Year/Smash the Cake Photo Session – The CODIO Studio

So I may have gone all out on this session but why not, it is my last baby and I never got to do something so fun with my other children as this whole Smash the Cake Fad was not in when we had our last daughter who is now 7 years old. I would say these sessions started to get popular in about the last 4-5 years or so.  They are fun.  Why not have beautiful photos of your 1 year old baby on their birthday which is one of the biggest milestones in the first year of baby’s life.  So many changes between newborn and 1 year old, if you are going to document any of baby’s milestones, it has to be this one.  And then what a fun piece to add into a session… Baby with her first cake of many cakes to come in her life.

Now, I did think that our baby would get right in there and smash her cake however she did not, but this did not surprise me as I would say on average only about %40 of babies will even be interested in touching the cake.  What you don’t see when you look at the smash the cake photos are the babies that cried for their whole session, the babies that didn’t want to touch the cake, the babies that didn’t want to get dirty, the babies that we couldn’t pull off mom and dad and the babies that were having nothing to do with a smash the cake photo session lol!  However needless to say, these sessions are super cute.  We never know what baby will do so every session is a guessing game!

We did however get some amazing shots of our baby girl before her cake as well as with her cake, just not those photos you see where baby is smashing and playing with the cake!  I also absolutely LOVE the Vintage Dollcake Dress that she is wearing.  This dress was handmade in Australia and bought specifically for my baby girls special day.  And then her beautiful Gold Sequined Romper was bought from Little Choco Pink in the USA!

Again a huge thank you to our wonderful cake lady Sara who always makes the most exquisite cakes for these sessions! For more information on our Smash the Cake Sessions you can visit our Facebook page at or our website www.codiophotography.comCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography


Airdrie & Calgary Maternity Photographers – The L Family’s Maternity Photos – Local Acreage

A stunning Mother at her Maternity session just outside of Airdrie AB. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!  Can’t wait for the newborn photos!

CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography


Calgary Portait Photographers – Yesenia’s Portraits – Inglewood, Calgary

Yesenia was absolutely beautiful in her portrait session near the Bow River in Calgary AB. We had a great time photographing her.

Airdrie Child Photographers – Lena’s Family – The CODIO Studio

Had a beautiful time capturing this little ones smile in the CODIO Studio with her lovely mother!  Mommy came to us with a photo of herself when she was a baby (same age as her daughter now) and she wanted to recreate the moment.  I would say that we did that almost to a T.  The photos are nearly identical, and it doesn’t hurt that this little one looks exactly like her mother at this age.  Love making magic like this for families!

CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

Airdrie & Calgary Family Photographers – The K Family – Local Acreage

Had a great time with Christy and Zane and their beautiful family at their annual family photo session just outside of Airdrie AB. This family is absolutely gorgeous although I could be a bit biased because it is my sister, her husband and my nephews.  Now always easy to do family photos especially with 3 boys as we all know how rambunctious and hyper and excited boys can get.  But these three did amazing and my sis did an excellent job at color coordinating and having them all look great!  There may have been a little bit of bribing that happened to get them all to sit so nice, but you do what you got to do!

CODIO Photography

CODIO Photography

CODIO Photography


Airdrie Wedding Photographers – S&H’s Traditional Nigerian Ceremony – Airdrie AB

A little Sneak Peek of the photographs from our 1st Traditional Nigerian Wedding.  This was an amazing day and Helen was absolutely gorgeous.  I just LOVE all of the beautiful colors that the bride wore along with friends and family as everyone was in their Traditional Nigerian gowns and clothing.  Beautiful blues, yellow and lots of gold at this Traditional Wedding. Lots and Lots of Dancing at this Wedding!   This day is all about the family and the love and respect that people have for each other and their parents!

We truly are blessed to be able to take part in so many different cultural weddings.  I love how every time we photograph a wedding, we learn something new whether it be about another culture or just something new about life!