Airdrie & Area Maternity Photographers- K&D’s Family – Local Acreage

Another loyal client! We have watched Katie & Brad go from a couple, through a wedding, first child and now the pregnancy of the second! They are all so great to work with, we can’t wait for the new addition to arrive.CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

Airdrie Photographers – The Breastfeeding Photo Project 2016 – Airdrie, Alberta

Oh My Goodness… Where to start!!! I am in LOVE with these photos and mesmerized at how beautiful these Gorgeous Mamma’s and their Babies are!

A few weeks ago I decided to do a personal project about breastfeeding as it is something very near and dear to my heart.  I have 4 children and have breastfeed all of them to different points in their lives, my 1st child with great difficulty in the beginning I nursed him until 9 months, my second child also with great difficulty in the beginning because of him needing surgery at  birth nursed until 22 months, my 3rd child easily nursed until 15 months (after having to stop because of a medication I was on) was disappointed but life goes on and then my final last and 4th baby is now currently 15 months and still lovingly nursing many times a day and night. Since our baby girl is most likely going to be our last child and I have always wanted to do something like this, I figured it was now or never and so my vision has come to life.   Breastfeeding has always been very important to me and wasn’t even something I considered or didn’t consider when I was pregnant with my first child.  It was just a given that I was going to breastfeed him and although I did have many issues especially with him being my first child and not knowing what I was doing, I sought help from local public health nurses as well as at a breastfeeding clinic.  I just knew that it wasn’t an option for me to stop even though it was tough!  Thankfully with lots of love and support and help, I got through those first few rough months.

Breastfeeding has been one of the most rewarding, beneficial, loving and special things I have done with my children and I will never forget those special moments and bonding that happened during this time.  Even getting up in the middle of the night to feed a baby was never something that bothered me.  I have never been one for feeling ashamed or scared about breastfeeding in public as I am a pretty open and easy going person.  However I do know that as a whole, there are still people in our society that think there is something wrong with breastfeeding and that women should not do it out in public.  Breastfeeding is nourishing and gives life to our children, it is something that is natural and normal and should not be looked down upon or shamed in any way.  Part of my reason for wanting to do this photo shoot was to bring awareness to the world, and show people these beautiful breastfeeding goddesses and to promote the normalization of breastfeeding.  We as women should not feel bad for having to feed our children or feel as if we need to hide away in washrooms or rooms to do something that is so natural.  I really do feel that if someone has a problem with it and does not like it, then they really need to just carry on, ignore it or mind their own business.  Each and every woman should have the right to breastfeed their child when and where they need to and whenever their baby needs to eat, it is a human right!

Now for the woman, the amazing strong women that joined me in this venture. Amongst us we had stay-at-home moms, moms on maternity leave, self employed moms, working moms, and even a few doula moms! Mom’s of all walks of life!   These Mom’s are all amazing in their own way; beautiful and definitely Super Mamas!  One cool thing about this group of women is that there are 4 of us with 4 children, now if this isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is!!! You will never guess the 4 with 4 children!

This day was so much fun, it started out with getting hair done and then getting make up done by some beautiful local make up artists Lucero Proudlock and Sarika Mehta.  They made all of the ladies feel amazing and beautiful (not that we weren’t already) but a little make up never hurt anyone!  Then we had Lori Harahap, owner of Purple Lotus Designs here in Airdrie AB that made and designed all of the flower crowns (absolutely beautiful).  Of course don’t forget the super talented professional photographer, Rafael Codio who set up, photographed and edited these beautiful photos, myself Charlene whose vision it was for this shoot along with the planning and organizing and then our good friend Camilo Gonzalez who filmed the whole thing!  Video to come in the future!

I want to thank everyone from the absolutely bottom of my heart that participated in this project and helped my visions become reality!  Especially to my husband, Rafael Codio, an amazing super talented photographer and father to 4, who has always been super supportive of everything from natural child birth, midwifery, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and every other crazy vision and idea that I have ever had.  Together we make an amazing team and have created a life where dreams become reality!

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Airdrie & Calgary Maternity Photographers – The L Family’s Maternity Photos – Local Acreage

A stunning Mother at her Maternity session just outside of Airdrie AB. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!  Can’t wait for the newborn photos!

CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography


Airdrie & Calgary Graduation Photographers – Mikayla’s Graduation Photos – Airdrie, AB

With a closing of one chapter you must open a new one. Congratulations Mikayla, have fun on your new adventures life brings you! We had such an amazing time photographing her graduation, and not to mention she looks gorgeous in her dress!

Airdrie Child Photographers – Lena’s Family – The CODIO Studio

Had a beautiful time capturing this little ones smile in the CODIO Studio with her lovely mother!  Mommy came to us with a photo of herself when she was a baby (same age as her daughter now) and she wanted to recreate the moment.  I would say that we did that almost to a T.  The photos are nearly identical, and it doesn’t hurt that this little one looks exactly like her mother at this age.  Love making magic like this for families!

CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

Airdrie Smash the Cake Photographers – Football Fun – The CODIO Studio

What a cute little guy! To celebrate his first birthday we got together for a smash the cake photo session. Check out the cute football cake his mom made!

Calgary Wedding Photographers – Justin & Natalie – Cochrane Wedding, July 2015 – Cochrane RancheHouse

All I can say is WOW! An amazing time we had with Natalie and Justin.  Their families were so wonderful and made us feel right at home.  The location of this wedding was absolutely Beautiful Cochrane RancheHouse!  Absolutely loved working at this venue.  They were so accommodating and excellent to work with! This was the perfect venue for this chic country western theme wedding.  As well as fits perfectly with this couple whose lives revolve around farming/ranching and horses!  I think they did an awesome job at decorating for this wedding and showing their personalities and who they really are through different little things, gifts and details at their wedding!  What a Special Day!

Natalie was an absolutely gorgeous bride with the cutest dress ever! It was a beautiful light weight puffy chiffon dress with a long train.  I couldn’t believe how light it was, usually wedding dresses are super heavy and hot even on a cold day!  We had an amazing time at this wedding and are so honoured to have been able to share this special day with Nat and Justin!CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography

CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO Photography  CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO PhotographyCODIO Photography

Airdrie Family Photographers- The M Family – CODIO Studio

Took a few moments today and captured some really sweet pictures of these beautiful girls in the CODIO Studio.Child Photography

Airdrie Child Photographers – Little Miss T Smash the Cake Session – CODIO Photo Studio

What a fun way to celebrate turning one! Check out this little cutie at her smash the cake session!1 Year old Photos 1 Year old Photos

Airdire Family Photographers – The E Family – CODIO Photo Studio

Today the E family came in for a mini session for this little guys 6 month milestone. We love working with this family and look forward to watching them grow.