Airdrie Newborn Photographers – Little Baby R – The CODIO Studio

Rebecca and Rudy’s little one has arrived!!! Today they came by the studio and we captured some fantastic memories for them. Check out how sweet big brother is with his new baby sister. We always enjoying getting to spend time with this family! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

Airdrie Newborn Photographers – Little Baby F – The CODIO Studio

Check out this super sweet newborn session we did today in the Studio.  Two little girls in this family, to steal mom and dad’s heart. We are so excited to watch your family grow. Congratulations you guys!

Calgary/Airdrie Newborn Photographers – Val and Jon’s little Miracle – Airdrie Photo Studio

We were super excited to have Jon and Val in the Studio today for their little one’s 1st Photo Shoot (Newborn Session)! Typically most newborns sleep the first 1 to 2 months of their lives and especially the first few weeks.  That is why it is so crucial for us as newborn photographers to photograph newborn babies in the first 2 weeks of their lives as this ensures that baby will have lots of sleepy time and will generally sleep very deeply, allowing us to move around, maneuver and change positions with baby many times in order to capture amazing photos.  However little Miss M had a different plan! Again all babies are different, not one is the same as the other however they usually do sleep at some point, so I knew after about an hour of rocking little Miss M that she would eventually fall asleep and that is just what she did.  Sometimes we are lucky and baby will fall asleep within minutes of coming and other times they are a bit more stubborn!  Jon and Val couldn’t not be any more proud of their little angel! They are going to be amazing parents and we wish them all the best and hope to capture all of their special milestones and memories in the years to come! Awake newborn baby CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography CODIO Photography

Airdrie Newborn Photographers- Newborn Girl and Boy Twins – CODIO Photo Studio

We love taking newborn photos and it’s such a treat when we get a set of twins in the CODIO Studio! But to make it even better big brother came along and was so easy to work with.


Airdrie Newborn Photographers – Little Miss E and Family – CODIO Photo Studio

Love when we get to photograph families who are also good friends.  This long awaited  baby girl has finally arrived and we were thrilled to capture her newborn photos in our Airdrie Studio.  Although her big brother was a bit trickier to get photos of we managed to snag a few of him kissing his new baby sister.  _COD1883-Edit_COD1877-Edit-2  _COD1908-Edit     _COD1862-Edit _COD1970-Edit-Edit2

Airdrie Newborn Photographers – Little Miss M – CODIO Photo Studio

A few weeks ago we got a super special visit from some really good friends of ours from the Dominican Republic.  We haven’t seen them in almost 5 years and it was awesome to get to spend a few days with them and meet their new baby daughter.  Of course we couldn’t let them leave without doing a little mini session of this super sweet baby girl.  Absolutely love this baby session in the Studio and we are so thankful for having amazing friends in our lives.

Airdrie Newborn Photographers – The P Family – CODIO Photo Studio

It was so great to meet the P families little girl. We just love taking newborn photos and this was no different. The mom had a photo of her as a little one with the hat on crying and we had such a great time trying to recapture that moment with her daughter. The funny part is she was smiling and we needed a  sad face. But not long after it came, and we were done! We are so excited to watch this little one grow.


Airdrie Newborn Photographers – Twin Girls – CODIO Photo Studio

Whats more fun then taking photos of newborns? Well twin newborns of course! Look at these two little girls, they are just so sweet. We had so much fun posing these two, and they cooperated so well! We can’t wait to watch these two as they grow!


Darin & Heather – Newborn Photos

Such a wonderful family.  I always find it interesting when I see families that are similar to ours with a large gap in age between children.  People always wonder if it is hard or easy having children closer or father apart.  But honestly I don’t think it makes a difference.  I think that having children is hard, being a parent is hard, no matter how close or far apart your children are.  But one thing that I do know is that no matter how hard it is, the good always outweighs the bad.  We are so blessed to be able to be parents and raise and take care of these tiny little human beings that come into our lives.  We should always feel blessed and honoured to be parents. I just know that these two older brothers are going to make the best big brothers to this little guy. No matter the age difference, I think that there is always a special bond between siblings.  Darin and Heather were wonderful to work with and we hope to have the chance to watch this little one of theirs grow in to a wonderful young man just like their other two children. Heather+Darin Heather+Darin2

Brian & Gimena – Newborn Photos

I am always so amazed when babies are perfect for their photo sessions.  This little guy at only 5 days old, slept the entire 2 hour photo session.  He is so perfect and cute and cuddly, you just don’t want to put him down. Gimena and Brian are over the top in love with their first born child and we wish them many more beautiful children.  Can’t wait to see them back in the Studio for this little ones first year milestones.